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The old way of doing recruitment is slowly dying. More and more now you need an agency that has incorporated big data analysis into its solution. At GRM, we’ve been working on this for many years.

Our Data team utilises financial data, job data, political data and historical economic data to accurately predict the effects that they will have on the job markets in which we operate.

We then provide a detailed synopsis of this data, on a regular basis, to our clients.

These reports then assist our clients to develop their hiring strategies for the coming years.

Our research is conducted by our amazing in-house research team, many of whom came to us from research houses, equities research and international consulting companies.

They then use this data to decipher whether a certain type of talent exists in the market, what issues will affect staffing, talent shortages, salaries and the working environment, our clients then use this as the base to determine the availability and quality of talent within our their reach.

Research we use

You may be looking to enter a new market, a new country, or hire a team, an individual, whatever it may be, you will benefit from the data-driven approach to hiring that we take.

We will utilise the data available to accurately predict the hiring markets and then identify the individuals shaping those markets to help bring you the very best people available.

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