GRM helps companies develop and grow talent from within to flourish in leadership positions.

Our independent talent audit and development process enables us to identify, grow and retain world-class leaders for our clients.

Conversely we are also best placed to assess existing management teams against unique company targets to identify and address potential problems areas.

What assessments can you cover?

We can offer you a full assessment and development consulting service and we can back this up with training support with access to some of the world’s best products.

  • External Recruitment, Internal Promotion can be supported by our external Assessment Centres.
  • We use assessments to help you identify your potential future hi-fliers, address any performance issues, succession planning strategies and put staff on development plans.
  • You may want to use our assessments for Job Analysis / Competency Profiling.
  • GRM has access to an innovative online assessments as well as class based, one on one sessions.

How do I contact you for a discreet conversation about our strategic direction?

Contact our CEO, Rob Green, today on