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Our market-leading executive search consultants have an unmatched knowledge of the market and a thriving network of global contacts.

A successful executive search requires rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement.

We provide our clients with the tools to identify, attract and nurture astonishing leaders.


Why would I use GRM for our senior level search?


GRM favours fact over opinion when it comes to your search for executive to drive your business forward.

Our data analytical tools and diagnostic approach is simply unrivalled in the market.

Only our clients gain access to this market leading data.

Gender Equity

In Asia and Africa, we are considered a leader in addressing gender disparity among senior management.

  • We were a co-founder of the search firm arm of the 30% Club in Hong Kong.
  • We were a co-signatory of search firm’s commitment to more women on listed boards in Hong Kong
  • We became a member of the Women’s Foundation in HK to help promote gender equity and equality across all industries.


We have been a market leader in organizing and hosting roundtable events including Hiring for Diversity, Female talent pipeline and succession planning.

Flexible Solutions

In 2014 we launched FWS (Flexible Working Solutions) a campaign to help returning to work mums and dads and the long term unemployed get back into the workplace through a detailed programme of coaching, counseling, CV and interview preparation and access to our unrivalled network.

What experience do you have?

A small number of our solutions are: –

And the list goes on.

We have been selected by over 60 of our clients to conduct retained executive searches.

We have a 100% success rate.


How do I contact you for a discreet conversation about our strategic direction?

Contact our CEO, Rob Green today on r.green@grmsearch.com