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When you are looking for a new CEO or Board member, what are you looking for? Someone who can deliver innovation, consistency, growth and passion. GRM saves you time, money and mitigates your risk.

Planning for potential risks caused by the departure of a CEO or board members is difficult. Our CEO & Board team provide organisations with the tools to create an effective and reliable staffing solution and succession strategy.

We specialise in sourcing and securing high-level practitioners, including chairpersons, NED’s, CEO and board level positions, to help companies achieve targets, innovate and grow.

Our specific strength is in Asia, Australia, and emerging markets such as Africa.

We save you money on your staffing needs and mitigate your risk, whilst bringing you the very best.


Why would I use GRM for our new CEO or Board Member search?

We work as your strategic partner. You will seat us at your boardroom table and discuss your key strategic objectives with us. You will discuss the personalities in the marketplace that will bring you the edge you are looking for and then we go to work.

You want to mitigate risk and save on costs. The strategy that we will deliver for you will have these facts at their core and every step of the way throughout the entirety of your search, we will show you how we are achieving this.

By using GRM for your CEO/Board hires you will be engaging a true partner, who is known for fast and accurate delivery, on 100% of the mandates we win.

Our mantra are the words Discreet. Professional. Effective. This describes our approach perfectly.

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What experience do you have?

A lot.

We have been selected as trusted advisor for CEO and Board appointments on a large number of occasions, mainly in Asia and Africa.

Why? Because we have connections and data that no other agency can boast. When you engage GRM, you get access to all of this.

We act fast and we delivery discreetly.

Whilst we wont advertise the companies we have assisted on this website, please contact us today for a full run down of the clients and mandates we have successfully.


How do I contact you for a discreet conversation about our strategic direction?

Contacts our CEO, Rob Green today on