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GRM Search is a multi award-winning recruitment consultancy with offices in Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Cape Town and strategic partners in the offshore market, Singapore, China and London.

We have won, or been finalists for, 10 awards in the past 4 years – a mark of truly outstanding hard work and dedication.

And now we have gotten even better.

Whilst the world around us has changed, we found that many recruitment consultants are still determined to do things the “old way”, a way that is becoming more obsolete each day that passes.

Hiring managers and job seekers now have a myriad of tools at their disposal to choose from when conducting a recruitment process, so much so, that in many cases, an Agency isn’t needed. In order to stay relevant, agencies have to change and be better and as usual, GRM is leading from the front.

After years of perfecting a data-driven model, we are now in a position to launch our analytic and algorithmic approach to our valued clients and candidates, making it quicker, easier and more accurate to identify the talent or role that best suits you or your firm. Furthermore, we are able to constantly refine our approach via the utilisation of machine learning algorithms – such tools allow us to constantly optimise our performance in ways that humans alone cannot. Combining this with our many years of industry knowledge, connections and our award winning personal touch, we are promising a service not yet seen in the recruitment profession.

Working with Data Scientists and Engineers in Asia, Africa and the US, we have developed proprietary algorithms using huge data sets that only GRM has access to – this will revolutionise the way in which you develop your hiring strategy, find staff or chart your new career path.

For more information about this approach, contact our owner, Rob Green, who will be happy to discuss it with you and show examples of how it is already changing the market. Email him on r.green@grmsearch.com


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